I am a pastor by nature and by calling.  It has been my vocation and is my passion.  I love people.  I am a people person.  I want to make this material available to you if you are the same type of person, who spends their energy and time pouring out into others.

It is demanding to be the supporter, coach, friend, helper of people around us.  If you give lots but receive little in terms of personal support, maybe these devotionals can be a small help to you.

I hope that reading these short reflections will give you a boost.  I pray that they will help you see something new about yourself or your role.  I want them to be food for your soul.

If you have some input that keeps you strong, then you can sustain your vital role in providing care to your family and friends and colleagues.


I am studying to become a qualified teacher.  I have experience as a Minister of Religion for 11 years.  Before that I was an online and forensic investigator for government.  I hold a degree in Law and Management (Commerce).  I live in Canberra, Australia.  I have a gorgeous wife and 2 daughters who are growing up fast.  I am a natural editor, proof reader, and writer.


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