Trust leads to fruitfulness

Matt 25:20-26   ‘Master, you ENTRUSTED me with talents’… well done, faithful servant… ‘I was afraid’… you wicked lazy servant


Religion is based on fear of punishment.  God doesn’t trust me and I don’t trust Him either!  I am convinced He is harsh.

But Jesus came so we could go beyond religion to relationship.  I trust God and believe in His goodness.  And He trusts me too!  He entrusts me with talents in my hand.  When I put them to work they reap great fruit in my life and for His purposes.

The first 2 servants were operating out of trust, and saw outcomes and increase.  The third was operating out of fear, and went to ground, lived defensively, and gained nothing for himself or anyone else.

Is trust your safe context for risk-taking and personal investment into your talents?  Or is fear locking you down?  Choose relationship over religion every day.

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One Response to Trust leads to fruitfulness

  1. Amanda says:

    Great word! All the more powerful when we consider how precious are the things that God entrusts to us at times, especially when He asks us to lead and shepherd people. Imagine the fruit that can be born in peoples lives when we love them out of a place of trust and dependance on God, not fear (of not having the answers they need, or of our own limitations etc). It frees me as a leader, and empowers me as a leader.

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