All by itself

Mark 4:26-28    This is what the Kingdom of God is like.  A man scatters seed on the ground.  The seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.  All by itself the soil produces grain

Farmer Inspecting WheatPersonal evangelism can be a bit mystical.

You throw seed out there: you respond to a question about your belief in Jesus; or you mention that church was good on the weekend; or you pursue a conversation about the meaning of life a little further; or you quote a Bible verse without telling your colleague its origin…

Then, most of the time you don’t know if anything is happening, or whether what you said had any impact, or made any difference at all.

We are co-labourers with God – did you notice that the way the “Kingdom” works is that “a man” scatters seed?  We are involved.  We play our part.  But the biggest part played is by God and by the message of the gospel.  It is the seed that we throw out.  The Bible says the gospel contains power within itself (Rom 1:16) to do the job.  And this verse says that it leads to harvest all by itself even if we don’t understand how.

So don’t be discouraged.  Keep sowing your seed, telling your story, answering questions the best you can.  God will use it, and He will do the rest!

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One Response to All by itself

  1. Neridda says:

    I love this verse! Thanks for shedding fresh light on it.
    Isn’t it so amazing how God works! He gives us such as important part to play, but then we get to rest in the knowledge that he is really the one doing all the work!

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