Put On Righteousness

Zechariah 3:4  The Angel said, ‘take off his filthy clothes’.  Then he said to white_robe_righteousness2Joshua, ‘see, I have taken away your sin, and I will put fine garments on you’.

Jesus died on our behalf, accepting the full penalty for our sin and earning us righteousness as a gift.  So at the moment we receive Him into our heart and establish relationship with Him we are 100 per cent pure in our spirit.

We don’t earn anything – not then, and not as time passes and we travel further with Christ.  As a matter of fact, our best self-help and efforts to earn it are like… filthy rags.  We mess up, we feel conviction from the Holy Spirit, we confess our sins and repent, God washes it away and we are squeaky clean again.  Then we keep on travelling, eventually overcoming more sin and worries and obstacles as we keep this confession-forgiveness pattern repeating.

But the “accuser” loves to condemn.  He will point out the things that have already been confessed and forgiven.  He will try to guilt-trip us with the filthy clothes Jesus has already removed.

We have to resist him and be conscious of the garment we are now wearing (even though we did not earn it).  We ARE righteous!  That’s why there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ!!




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