Life-giving words

Proverbs 10:11 The mouth of the righteous is like a fountain of life.

The original Hebrew for the fountain of life in this verse is mekor chaiyim.  It is a direct reference to the great aorta, which carries fresh blood from the heart back out and around the body.

You can bring life.  Your carefully delivered Fountainwords can revive a human soul.

Before praying for anybody, or visiting them in hospital, or just talking to them about what is happening for them, I pray this: “God, help me to help them.  Use my choice of words, my tone, my facial expression, my body language, my whole demeanour to bring your Kingdom into this situation.”

Our words of comfort, strength, positivity, wisdom, reassurance, encouragement and grace can literally carry a life force into the world of the people we are pastoring. Like a fresh blood-supply circulated to tired legs.

Improve somebody’s circulation this week!


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