Whatever it takes

Mark 2:3-4   bringing to [Jesus] a paralytic carried by four of them.  Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they tore a hole in the roof, and lowered the man down

Do not give upSometimes it is hard to take our friends and family to Jesus.  It’s not just that they aren’t available when our church event is on.  It can at times be the crowd itself.

The church can be so hungry for learning and spiritual growth that we start moving towards theologically profound irrelevance from the point of salvation.  We talk our own in-house jargon, and clamour for deeper teaching and deeper worship.  We can become part of the crowd that actually makes obstacles for people to get to Jesus.

But don’t give up!  Be part of the solution.  Ask God to help you stay like Jesus, who was pure in His heart, but always hanging out with lost people and talking their language and building bridges to help them get to God.  Figure out ways around religion to bring your friend to Jesus.  Tear a hole in the roof if you have to.  Do whatever it takes.

Have you ever struggled with the crowd when trying to bring your friend to Christ?  Have you found yourself being part of the crowd making it hard for others to bring their friends?

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2 Responses to Whatever it takes

  1. Tim says:

    The other thing that these guys did was work together. I often work in isolation when it comes to working in someone’s life (trying to bring them to Jesus). It occurs to me that it was the power of the team working together that got this paralytic guy to Jesus; there is no way that just one of them could have done it on their own. I wonder what that might mean for the way we go about bringing our friends to Jesus?

    • c3stu says:

      Great point Tim! There’s nothing better than the support of others when your friend finally comes to visit church or to a special event – when they gather, introduce themselves, help to host…

      Also, sometimes I have found that I don’t have the relevant experience or angle to introduce my friend to Jesus, but my other friend relates to them so easily and perfectly!

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