Psalm 68:19     Praise be to the Lord, to God our Saviour, who daily bears our burdens

Before reading this, I had never conceptualised the Lord carrying our burdens on a daily basis.  He didn’t just carry them historically.  He wants to carry them for you today.  And tomorrow.

So the question I want to put to you is “Are you carrying anything today in your own strength that you really should be giving to Him, and allowing Him to carry it for you?”

God carries our people

God carries our people

This applies equally to “carrying” your assigned people whom you pastor.  They are yours to carry, but in another sense they actually belong to God.  When you feel burdened for them and what’s happening in their lives, find some precious minutes to lift them up in prayer, confident that God is carrying them.  It’s a great outlet for the burden.  If we can do ministry sustainably, we can do it for life, not just a short burst of a few crazy years.

God’s promise is that our burden will be “light” when we serve and follow Him (see Matthew 11:30).

So lighten your load today by giving it to God.


4 Responses to Burdens

  1. So keen for this blog Stuart. So, so keen. I have been waiting for years for you to do this.

  2. Manda R says:

    Looking forward to much more of your always truth-filled, always thoughtful, always valuable wisdom Mr Stu.

  3. Mum of 3. says:

    People need an authentic , loving and consistent presence in their world. A person’s cry for help should never go unanswered. In a time where we are more connected than ever through technology we are more distant than ever before.
    Is community a thing of the past ? I pray not….

    • c3stu says:

      thanks for your comment Mum of 3. I have created this blog for people who are trying to be part of the solution. If anything, the ministers who will read this are those who spend every cent in their emotional bank accounts each week trying to help and support dozens, even hundreds of people… pastors who are already painfully familiar with the needs that surround and threaten to overwhelm them most days… I think your comment is “preaching to the choir”

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